Cambridge Weight Plan

Personal message from Hilary Baylis

I am based in a private consulting office in Regent Street Leamington Spa town centre with a private entrance and private waiting area.  Confidential appointments can be made at a time to suit you including very early morning and late evenings.

I stock the complete range of Cambridge Weight Plan products and for your convenience accept credit/debit cards with no additional fee

To get the results you want I believe investing time in you is important. I will support your weight loss journey by mentoring you to reach the weight you aspire to be.

Once you are happy with your weight if you would like I can offer you complimentary monthly maintenance consultations and weigh ins to help you with food choices to keep your weight off for life. My clients say this is important to them in keeping up their great work

The flexible consultations, including my commitment to you are included in the price of your products. The cost of your food is the price you pay. I don’t charge a joining fee or consultation fee.

Like a lot of people I personally have experienced many diets at one point weighing in at over 16 stone.

Finally I found the weight plan that works and now maintain my 11 stone target weight with Cambridge Weight Plan and still get to enjoy the food I like to eat.

Cambridge Weight Plan has been a brand leader for 31 years and is available in over 30 countries helping millions of men and women worldwide to lose weight. The programme and products are very effective, safe and medically approved.

There is a step within the programme to suit you with or without conventional food. It’s not just about shakes! All of our products including smoothies, soups, porridge, bars and pasta and rice meals are nutritionally balanced and taste great.

Whatever your reason to lose weight and whether you want to lose just a few pounds or several stone together we can tailor a plan especially for you, that will fit in with your lifestyle and personal and family needs. You don’t have to give up your social life!

Contact me to find out more about our Cambridge Weight Plan programme and to arrange your no obligation confidential one to one consultation

Make that call to change your life today!

Looking forward to meeting you

* The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.